We are local Twin Cities Radon Specialists focusing on the highest quality Mitigation Systems that are built to withstand Minnesota’s extreme weather.   We warranty our systems for a minimum of 5 years and have all of our post analysis testing done by a qualified 3rd party to ensure accuracy and credibility.

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What Is Radon?

Radon is a naturally occurring gas that comes from various rocks, soils, and underground water
sources. Radon gives off radiation (radiation is the process of giving off energy in waves or particles)
that can cause lung cancer. Radon forms from the breakdown of the natural elements uranium and

What Can Radon Do?

Radon can cause lung cancer.(-Lung cancer is a disease of a person’s lungs, where the cells’ DNA is
damaged and those damaged cells replicate uncontrollably). Radon is second only to smoking as a
cause of lung cancer. It’s a silent killer, since people can’t tell if they’re being exposed. And
its effects are more hazardous for children than adults.

Why are Children more Susceptible?

Children are more sensitive to radon because their lungs are smaller and their respiratory rates are
twice as high. Doctors say that, by the age of 10, a child receives twice the lung dose of an adult
who’s been exposed to radon for the same length of time.


What are some of the key questions to ask a mitigation contractor?

• Will the contractor perform diagnostics to determine the suction point location and correct pipe and fan sizes?
• Who is responsible for obtaining permits, if required?
• Will a contract be provided?
• Who will do the licensed electrical work?
• Is there a warranty on materials or the workmanship? If so, for how long? Do they warranty system performance?
• How will the system be evaluated?
• Will the contractor offer the homeowner training in the radon mitigation system operations and/or troubleshooting?
• Will the contractor guarantee that radon levels will be brought to below the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) recommended action level of 4.0 pCi/L?
• What will the contractor do if post mitigation radon levels are not below the EPA’s recommended action level?
• Can the contractor provide a list of references and their individual certification number?
• Is the quoted price guaranteed?

2014 Minnesota Department of Health Radon in Real Estate Awareness Act

Here is a link to the EPA’s Radon Information and other informational websites…